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1. The theoretical Hero of the Indian Civilization, that will one day actually win a gold medal for India.

2. The theoretical sportsman that will one day win a gold medal with funding from an abroad country for said country with Indian origin.

3. The loss of potential, due to the influence of ones (see Indian Parents) or lack of funding.

4. The most unathletic/under-trained athlete in the world.
1. India has returned home from London with no medals yet again. Most blame this on culture and poor funding rather than bad genetics. Maybe one day there will be an Indian Athlete.

2. Canada and Britain have a very diverse teams, which one even include an Indian Athlete; who was quoted saying he is, "too tired to play shooting targets," for London 2012.

3. Indian Child, "Mother I am very good at skiing, football, and hockey, my coach even says I can become a very great Indian Athlete for the next Olympics,"

Indian Mother, "Thats great beta, now focus on you're studies so you can become a doctor."

4. With zero funding from his government, Raj Singh is truly an Indian Athlete.
by dehbrat February 15, 2010
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