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"India Bias" is the term used to define the extreme bias that will occur online when comments are made about the country India.

This is best demonstrated where comments can be 'rated' such as youtube. Comments that show India in a negative light will generally receive extremely low rating, where as positive comments will show extremely high ratings.

There are a number of causes for this bias:
- The gross overpopulation of Indians
- Indians' tendency to be egotistical or 'air-headed' and their inflated sense of self worth
- The high probability that an Indian will share the comment with a friend, as opposed to others who will just ignore it
"This is a cool video!" +3
"I love this video and India!" +4,386
"I like the video but India is crowded" -86,513

John: Whoa! How did my comment get such a low rating?
Mark: When you account for the India Bias, it's actually +20
by Indian Gurl January 09, 2011
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