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A politer form of private school, the most famous located on the Upper East Side. Often characterized by their blue/plaid/green/grey censor strips dubbed "skirts", these hoebags have an extensive amount of money up to use.

Most often, they have a grade/shoe/caffeine/credit card/clothing/overpriced school supplies/food/boy/TV/starbucks/jamba juice fetish.

Nevertheless, they consistently are able to get in a large amount of Ivy Leaugue Schools.

Many of these girls distinguish themselves as preps, plus the money. However, many of these girls try to identify with the hip hop culture, and addict themselves into gangsta rap, and often try to pass themselves of as "ghetto" or "gangsta", even thought the Upper East Side consistently lacks cocaine dealers, handguns, and impoverished public high schools. You have your rare Emo rich girl, although she possesses a large amount of money and 50+ pairs of shoes, is still depressed and listening to Panic! at the Disco. Then you have your Wannabe who tries to blend into a social sterotype, get popular and fails at both.

Many girls grow up into trophy wives, and describe their wonderful 12 years living in a brothel as a wonderful education.

To imitate a Indepedent Girl's School's school student, roll your skirt up about 3 times or over, wear large amounts of make up, find a park avenue apartment, have a large amount of cash to your disposal, own an innumerable amount of cashmere sweaters, manage to dump over two hundred dollars on overpriced school supplies made in India, carry this all in a $100 plus bag, develop a worship for the CW,and reject public transportation, suck up to most teachers, own an innumerable amount of nail polish, sex the boys, own more shoes than the population of Afghanistan, and smile that 7K invislign smile.

Cheers, and see you at the the next overpriced charity dance , where one pays an exorbitant fee to party in a oh-so- exclusive church basement.
Parent: I paid 30K a year to send her to a Indepedent Girl's School just to turn her into a a starbucks addicted, credit card addicted, overachiever hoebag?
by Luckey October 05, 2007
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