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Phrase used by Governor and Vice-President nominee Sarah Palin in an attempt to stall Charles Gibson when he asked for her opinion on the Bush doctrine in an interview originally aired on ABC's World News with Charles Gibson on September 11, 2008. It became clear when Gibson refused to elaborate on his question that Palin did not know to what he was referring. This phrase can be used when you need to admit that you don't know something that you really should know by virtue of your position or standing.
Boss: Where are the reports that we need for our client meeting this afternoon?

Lackey: In what respect, Charlie?
by bepy September 18, 2008
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a way to answer to a question when you are at a loss for an appropriate response.
charles gibson: do you agree with the bush doctrine?
(long pause)
sarah palin: in what respect, charlie?
by satisfying andy licious September 12, 2008
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