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A playlist that resides in the bowels of YouTube, upon completion of this holy list, Ones soul will be torn from their body and they will live on forever as a Meme Lord, If however when the playlist is completed, conversion to an all powerful Meme Lord is rejected, the person will suffer a slow and painful death sometime within the next 24 hours, some speculate that this is because the Elder Meme Lords cannot trust mere mortals with the secrets which lie within the depths of this blessed list.
Person 1: I finished watching Important Videos last night, the ending was kinda anticlimactic
Person 2: *single tear rolls down cheek* I'll remember you.
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by TheLoafBloke March 28, 2017
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A playlist of memes everyone sees on the internet, especially people who watch meme-related videos.
Important Videos has become a meme itself, due to it's popularity.

important meme funny youtube internet
by soothouseisgr8 January 12, 2017
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