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a diskrillus clan on Xbox Live that is based in Halo: Reach. The four divisions are Slayer, Snipers, Swat, and Objective. The leader is "Young Treezzzzy", he started the clan on July 15, 2011 with a group of 14 people. The Invincible Eight: "Young Treezzzzy", "OG MiZaT v3", "Sickicide", "EternalRenegad3", "GaudiestCentaur", "TheAlaskan0331", "VincentP13", and "dribonz".
"Did you see the ImmortalZ Clan Battle against the Ultimate Gamers Clan?"

"Yeah man, ImmortalZ Clan won 50-23"
by Ei8ht BoneZ October 16, 2011
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