"Hey, dude, my parents are total idiots. They just joined the moral majority."

"More like the IMmoral MINORITY, amirite?"
by Rizel June 21, 2006
When vaccine manufacturers are distributing Covid-19 vaccine booster shots to the rich and selfish countries, while paying lip service to the poor and corrupt nations, which depend mostly on donation from countries guilty of practicing vaccine diplomacy.
Is administering Covid-19 vaccine boosters “unjust” and “unfair” when only 7% of the population of Africa has received a dose, compared to more than 50% of the populations from other continents? How could selling these immoral shots to wealthy countries while ignoring the oft-rogue and dictatorial nations help to stop the pandemic globally?
by 🦠₉₁₁ October 13, 2021
The belief or attitude that one is cooler than another because they pursue or pursued illicit deeds.
Jack bought a souvenir, but Meg stole one—demonstrating her immoral superiority.

The others laughed at him playing bananagrams, but Eddie knew he was cooler than them. He held immoral superiority; he smoked weed.
by Rt. Hon. Smokes McSmokes May 25, 2013
When a definition on Urban Dictionary discusses conquering women as if they were objects or shrugs off sex as not having any deeper meaning.
Women were designed to become objects for us men. Due to the inclusion of the previous sentence, this definition is a perfect example of urban immorality.
by Bad C dev March 4, 2021
The act of performing or receiving oral sex while on the phone with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and acting as though it is a normal conversation.
I got some immoral oral while i was at Jane's house last night, and my girl didn't know a thing.
by Jusanigathatlovetities February 25, 2012
In the 70s, President Nixon described his supporters as the Silent, Moral Majority. Today, the Immoral Minority are the 30% of Americans who support President Trump no matter what he says or does
Did you hear that Donald Trump said that he supported white supremacy? That won't matter to the Immoral Minority. They support him no matter he says or does.
by xtc283 August 9, 2019
Immoral support is opposite to moral support. Whereas moral support is encouragement and support for a moral action, immoral support is encouragement and support for an immoral action.
"Did you hear? He's helping him plan a murder."
"That's some immoral support there."
by Drazard October 10, 2011