And adjective relating to behavior that is wrong, unethical; disregard for the conscience or moral compass.
Caligula delighted in the immoral pleasures of incest with his sisters, torture and murder of prisoners and slaves, the rapes of the wives and daughters of wealthy Romans, desecration of sacred buildings, and generally violating the rights of his people.

Israel, through tampering with information and manipulating the public, has oppressed the Palestinians and made their lives miserable for the sake of a "Jewish homeland"; such a policy sounds perversely immoral and counterproductive.
by Lorelili June 8, 2011
Reassuring a friend that, because they're a good person deep down inside, that what they did wasn't really that bad after all, and was in fact what anyone else would have done in the same situation.
Parental immoral support: "If you had let her continue to live with you, she'd think it's okay to be gay. It's really not so bad being homeless as a teen, anyway - it's kind of an adventure if you think about it!"
by AndyTheNerd November 30, 2011
When high-income countries with high vaccination rates would almost have to beg or coax their citizens to get their third booster shots rather than giving or selling their surplus or hoarded vaccines to developing nations, where the people long to get jabbed.
Nations guilty of immoral vaccination only agree to donate their near-expiry vaccines to desperate pro-Western developing countries, or decide to practice “dose sharing” with another developed country that has a low vaccination rate and a low supply of Western vaccines.
by 🦠₉₁₁ September 4, 2021
The means by which some people are guided to do the wrong and unethical thing when no one is watching in most circumstances.
While healing in the hospital with a broken jaw, Ron thought about how he could restrain his immoral compass after a night where he stole cash and weed from Chuck while he was making out with Diane; told Diane that Chuck had herpes after he left the party; and then crept into Chuck's car to sleep afterwards only to wake to Chuck's spinning backfist.
by von groovy June 11, 2017
Fat with immorality. Void of integrity, moral compass, or any sense of fairplay.

Disgraceful. Repugnant. Dishonest.
The President's behavior on the debate stage was obesely immoral.
by Mya Garnett September 30, 2020
Spoop actin' immoral in the USSR again..
Spoop: So about 40 to 45 minutes ago, I beat the fuck out of my dick, so goddamn ha-
Leon: To the gulags, Spoop.
Spoop: NO NO WAI-
Leon: Smh immoral Spoop.
by BIGSpoop November 7, 2020