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The belief or attitude that one is cooler than another because they pursue or pursued illicit deeds.
Jack bought a souvenir, but Meg stole one—demonstrating her immoral superiority.

The others laughed at him playing bananagrams, but Eddie knew he was cooler than them. He held immoral superiority; he smoked weed.
by Rt. Hon. Smokes McSmokes May 25, 2013
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/ɪˈmɒrəl/ /səˌpɪriˈɔrədi/

noun 1

state of self loathing manifested by vicious opposition to- and denigration of moral systems or western religious values or traditions

noun 2

indifference of- or disdain for democratic republic under God instead favoring irrational extremes of anarchy or tyranny

noun 3

moral anarchy

synonym: moralphobia

noun 4

rabble arousal
Egomaniacal truthiness driven contempt for well established repository of faith and wisdom masking an irrational fear of the natural order. In this endarkenment period the immoral superiority of contratheism (or lunatic asylum full of other practitioners) lets loose their inner hatemonger yearning to trample the rights of the super majority.
by steeled herald May 26, 2013
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