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phrase. By the time you hear this, you have already had a compliment on your "pertty mouth" from some country bumpkin. Now he's done made you pull your pants down, and you're about to squeal your little heart out.
You: Hey, you ain't got no teeth, so no dental records, and yo mama is yo sista and yo aunt and yo grandmama! Just like all of 'em! How can they tell you apart from the rest of them country bumpkins???

Billy Bob Joe Brown: That's a pertty mouth on you, boy...

You: What's that supposed to mean?

Billy Bob Joe Brown: *points gun* Drop them britches, son.

You: Um um um ok...

Billy Bob Joe Brown: Imma make you squeal like one o' my pigs!

by Simian Infernus August 19, 2009
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