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When you can't stop buying shoes.

When you need 2,000 pairs of shoes for just 2 feet!

When you substitute dick for shoes!
"Com'on Mom just one more pair of shoes!!!"

"Are you out of your fuckin' mind young lady!!!" "You already have over 50 pairs of shoes!" "What's wrong with you?" "Do you have Imelda Marcos Syndrome?"

KATE: You only have 2 feet? Why do you need all these shoes?
ROSE: I dunno I just need these shoes, and this will be the last I buy this year...
KATE: But there's only 2 more days left of the year.
KATE: What about helping the starving kids in Africa!
ROSE: Fuck'em! It's not my fault all their governments are corrupt!
KATE: Gee Rose maybe you need to see a doctor, I think your coming down with Imelda Marcos Syndrome.
ROSE: Hrmm probably...
KATE: Second thoughts maybe we should just get you laid by the first filthy beggar we come across?
by The Moody Poet January 04, 2007
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