this is not a band this is now a word of tomfoolery and you can not escape if someone asks you this it does not work with a who's Joe or who's Yuri I works by its self do not do anything just walk away or say what was intended to be said earlier

"well imagine dragon deez nuts all across yo face"
friend: hey dude ya like imagine dragons?
me: no
friend: well "well imagine dragon deez nuts all across yo face"

or you could do this

friend: ya like imagine dragons
me: ya but "well imagine dragon deez nuts all across YO face"

ladies and gentle men we got em
by xzsawq2vvgfrt54xdsewq32nmjhuy7 November 22, 2019
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An annoying electropop/pop rock band from the western USA. Their highly manufactured, computer-generated sound gains them a large following. Fans will range from people that accept that they are a pop band to people that will INSIST that they are Alternative Rock. While their lyrics may resemble modern rock, Imagine Dragons lacks the orgasmic guitar distortion that defines modern rock and metal. They even will only use guitars in two or three songs, relying on Synthesizers and sampling 99% of the time. Do yourself a favor and don't listen to this garbage unless you accept that it's not rock music.
Music nerd: "Ugh, Imagine Dragons? I guess you like pop rock then."
Normie: "It's only called that because it's popular, man"
Music nerd: "It's hardly rock! They only use guitars in like two fucking songs and they aren't even distorted!"
Normie: "The correct term is alternative rock."
Music nerd: "If it's that popular than it's not exactly alternative."
Normie: "Fine, listen to your screamo."
Music nerd: "Dying Fetus is NOT FUCKING SCREAMO!!!!"
by death metal dorkwad June 15, 2019
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Imagine dragons is a meme or more-so of a trolling phrase. If someone says "Do you know the band Imagine Dragons?" It is most likely a troll. By saying, "What is Imagine Dragons?" That person has the opportunity of saying "Imagine Dragon deez nuts across your phase."
Troller: hey man do you know the band imagine dragons?
Victim: whats imagine dragons?
Troller: Imagine dragging deez nuts across your face.
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by Judlig Wan Beetjoven October 20, 2018
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An overplayed, extremely mediocre and dull pop band that have been unfortunately classified as "indie", further proving that the stereotype is being mindlessly thrown around to pop bands who have just a little bit of keyboard in them. Completely uninspiring and unfortunately, some actually praise them for writing the opposite. They appeal to a mass of uneducated who would not understand music if it slapped them in their face. Because banging on a drum while screaming third grade lyrics totally makes you different and cool. But, no surprise if a third grader actually named this band. A complete rip off of M83 if anything. Lead singer Dan Renyolds sounds like a less nasal version of Chad Kroeger and is probably next in line to fuck Avril Lavinge. Hipster Runoff even named "Radioactive" the worst song of all time.
Imagine Dragons will be crowned the next Nickelback.
by TwoHeadedRoy August 25, 2013
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do you like Imagine Dragons? if you do-
Imagine Draggin these nut across ur chin.
Imagine Dragons. Imagine Draggin these nut across ur chin.
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by dude man Dude123456789 October 29, 2019
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A new rock band that helps channel the hate from Nickleback elsewhere. Their listeners are 7 year old kids trying to show that they don’t just listen to hip hop.
by Medalheadbanger May 14, 2021
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