Sexy beast gets all the girls and Is the best
I wish I could be a Ilyas
by Johnturddue January 26, 2021
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He is a peng g. He is very smart and has a very big dick.
Ilyas is peng
by Johnturddue November 24, 2019
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Ilyas is one of the most sexiest people alive he gets all the “gyalies” and is smart and inspiring. He has one of the largest dicks on the planet which is famous for penetrating and paralysing gyal.
Ilyas is sexy
by Ilzino February 09, 2020
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A very sexy hair man and he’s a football addict at the same time he pulls white girls rather than Turkish girls and usually gets made fun of
Stop being a ilyas
by Anani sikim April 20, 2019
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Ilya is a very sweet girl who cares about the people around her. She is pretty inside and out and never fails to make someone happy. She is a shy person but once you get to know her she is loud as fuck. She is athletic and competitive.
ilya girl name
by someone else has this name November 30, 2019
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That guy in your friend group the weird gay person that funny and annoying
Your such an ilya
by Fate synaspe December 25, 2019
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