Instagram accounts that repost other people content without giving them credit, and sometimes gain more then the original creator of the content likes and followers.
Some IG Piggybacker stole my comic without credit
by PoskettiTom July 31, 2019
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Using this in a vocal sense means thy is not a true Believer in Jesus as it is a sin to say this as it is a sin and is believed to be one of the last things Jesus was told before he died using it as a name or online persona is still a sin if you have this name change it immediately as god knows. ps he’s coming
omg new insta name “aiden ig plug” Friend: oh no ig plug will get u sent to hell
by Jesus4mylife April 09, 2021
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This is a horrible word a should never be used as a online persona or in a sentence as it is basically cussing Jesus out he is watching if you have this name change it immediately.p.s he’s coming
Ig plug- means love devil
by Jesus4mylife April 09, 2021
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information Gathering Squad, First started by a computer science student who goes by the alias “Empire” it all started when he met a hacker by the name of “Virus Detected” or later known as “Reaper” the two of them were staff for a well known DDoS for hire service, then as the months went by they started arguing with the owner so they ended up leaving and making their own DDoS for hire service it was around this time they started promoting there service on YouTube channels, then one day the police caught reaper for stealing multiple Microsoft accounts he was given a identity theft charge and put on house arrest for 3 months he ended up leaving the botnet community and not long after that empire did the same. Until a few months ago empire made a return to the botnet community uploading tutorials and leaking the source code to many exploits and botnet sources but it is alleged him and Reaper infected over 800,000 devices within 6 months. The authorities have still yet to figure out Empires real identity and it’s still a mystery why he made a return.
by Empire iGS January 08, 2021
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Scrolling through the Instagram while sitting on the toilet
You have been in the bathroom for an extended period of time, quit IG shitting and come out.
by There is an i before P June 27, 2018
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