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The intro to almost all the songs produced by music producer Metro Boomin as said by Future.
Future: "If young metro don't trust you, I gon shoot you"

Ron: "No, I don't think he trusts you because you can't even say it right..."
by The haker July 22, 2016
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Originating from "Right Now", this phrase has become a popular meme, manipulated in various ways to signify whether Young Metro (Metro Boomin') approves of something or not. You may have come to seek this definition because others are reluctant to tell you the meaning of this quote and deflect your question by asking whether or not Young Metro trusts you, rather than explaining the quote. This is because they are embarrassed by the meaning of the complete quote. When the whole phrase, "If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you" is used, it is a euphemism for gay sex.

Person A: If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you
Person B: What does that mean?
Person A: If Metro Boomin' doesn't trust you, I will perform fellatio on you until you cum all over my face.
by BigBlackClock21 June 26, 2016
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