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The Ideal Semen Law is the equation of state of hypothetical Semen consumed by Female. It is a good approximation to the behaviour of protein in semen under a few conditions, although it has several limitations.

Limitations :

1) The semen has to be consumed by Female.
2) The semen has to be consumed through orally
3) The semen has to be fresh(no older than 2days)

When the fresh semen is consumed by a female through orally, the nutritions in semen is extracted by digesting it. The nutrition contains protein. The protein is one of the major ingrediants for the female breasts(approx 5%). Thus, a female consuming semen will stimulate the growth of the breasts .
Equation of Ideal Semen Law

S = Semen(L)
B = Breast(cm3)

* It is IDEAL LAW, so it is not likely to be true all the time.*
by DespairNo October 21, 2009
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