pissing in a condom, freezong and fucking, well, anything with it
lance just gave virginia the ol' icy mike
by bo lojob April 23, 2003
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Shitting in a condom, freezing it, then fucking a chick with it.
Jane just got icy miked!
by Mikus February 07, 2003
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all of you are wrong....straight from the big brother magazine owned by larry flynt over 10 years ago..........an icy mike is when you piss in a condom, then freeze it... ok now after its frozen, you take it out and poke a hole in it.... you then throw it in someones car if their windows are open, therefore melting piss all over the place....
i threw an icy mike in that toolbox's car hahahaha
by ulpsb August 26, 2011
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to take a shit, freeze the shit, fuck a girl with the frozen shit untill it thaws out, and then you eat the shit.
"dude i cant beleive your into icy mikes"
by brendan December 29, 2004
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