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ice fishing in July

1. Doing something but not getting anything accomplished. 2. Not hitting on shit. Going 90 mph but sitting still. 3. Doing a pile of work for no particular reason and having nothing to show for it. 4. People who plan all these wonderful things do shitloads of work and nothing happens when the plan is put into motion. Imagine the fact that someone has planned an ice fishing trip in July. What sense does that make.
Man would you look at him sitting over there talking to that applicant. Yah I know man that joker is not qualified it's almost like watching someone ice fishing in july. You know he has like been planning all this asshaterey for the longest time...And guess what? It's not going to happen. Yeah like planning ice fishing in July. What a jackass.
by pantyteamaster August 05, 2009
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