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When teenage girls spend their Sunday afternoon eating a tub of ice cream and watch movies or go on the internet.
"Jessica had a Ice Cream Sunday last weekend, she said she was picking up trash in the woods, but, I'm not an idiot."
by Lonely Larry March 28, 2015
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The act of ejaculating in a girls mouth, then having another girl lick or suck the cum out of the first girls mouth.
Dude. I heard that Luke, Jess, and Bri made an Ice cream sunday at Peter's party last night.
by Slevin K. December 19, 2013
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The little cups of frozen treat that they serve you in church as a bribe for showing up and enduring the boring sermon.
If a church sermon is intended to be enjoyed instead of endured, how come the only part of it that I get any pleasure out of is the ice cream Sunday at the end?? Plus they only give everyone such a tiny portion, with no extra scoops/helpings as a reward if you managed not to squirm or whimper! Why, for as much agony as I went though to sit on that hard wooden seat and suffer through an hour and a half of hypocritical lecturing , they should give me a while BOWL of ice cream!
by QuacksO June 16, 2018
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