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An acronym suggested by a reader of Dan Savage, the online advice columnist of 'Savage Love'. It stands for Impeach The Mother Fucker Already, and was coined as a slogan calling for the impeachment of President George Bush. It was inspired by a typically direct piece of advice delivered by Savage on a radio programme for a caller to DTMFA Dan Savage is also responsible for the popular adoption of the neologism santorum.
I'd love to see a line of bumper stickers and T-shirts bearing that sensible message: ITMFA. We need a shorthand for the obvious — think of the boost to productivity we'd get if we could cut half-hour conversations about Bush to five simple letters! (From the reader's letter to Savage.)
by Michael Byrne February 14, 2006
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Impeach the mother fucker already (meaning: DJT)
Frequently used on Twitter, just type: #ITMFA.
'I have enough of the gas lighting and reverse narratives... ITMFA !'
by Impatient Bunny October 30, 2017
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impale the mother fucker already - something to shout during a fight, or when your mates angry at someone.
*people fighting*
me: *in a crowd* "ITMFA"
by moldy_bellybuttons January 28, 2019
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