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1) The expression of a loss of interest in something or someone.

2) The indication that a negative event is no longer bothersome to someone.
1) I thought that Bud Light was great beer when I started drinking, but now I'm over it.

2) I suffered for days after she broke up with me, but I'm over it now.
by Webster April 20, 2004
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A statement commonly used to distract people from the fact that one is NOT actually over something. Mainly used to avoid rough situations or conversations.
Molly said "I'm Over It", but we all know we'll be hearing about this again.
by JG88 June 05, 2014
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An expression used when someone is tired of talking about something; another way of saying, "Ok, this conversation is pointless, let's talk about something else."
Sally: Oh my God, Pam is sooooo annoying. She always....

15 Minutes later

Sally: I can't believe that anyone could be as annoying as her...
Donna: Yeah. Well, I'm over it.
by zanny May 27, 2004
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01. To forget something.
02. No longer affected by a past event.
03. I find someone new, I'm over you, I'm over it.

I don't feel anything anymore, if you think I'm still hating you (or loving you), dudette I'm over it!
John: I'm over you
John: I'm over it!
by Believe in Me April 27, 2004
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Something you say when something like a break-up with your girl-/boy-freind and you've supposedly forgotten about it and have moved on. Yeah right...
Joe: Dude, you all right? I heard Shelly dumped you last night...
John: Nah, I'm over it...
by NtAt April 26, 2004
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