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Powerful, stupendously funny, yet so real lyric of NY Rapper, Immortal Technique.

His raps are full of stuff like that.
Obscene, disgusting - yet so intelligent , metaphorical and potent to your ears.
My favourite rapper.

The only rapper who doesn't care (infact encourages you) to download his music off of the internet just to enjoy and play his music out lout to spread the message of the corrupt system :
'Burn it off the fucking interent and bump it outside, bump it out side'.
'Is that your girl, bitch get over here, Gimme some brain!
I'll bust off on her face, and right after that segment, she'll probably rub it in her pussy , trying to get herself pregnant!'

- An example from Immortal Technqiue's song , Obnoxious.

I'm like aids, you'll regret fucking with me
- Freestyle
by sundarasundara August 10, 2009
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