said whenever somebody does something funny, ridiculous, retarded, or filthy.
Matt looks obviously at Molly's ass
James: I see you Matt, I see you.

Spencer takes a ground ball of the nuts in infield practice because he's fuckin' around
James: a'boy, I see you.
you say this to a person when their dressed all fresh and tight.
mimi is wearing new fresh babyphat outfit

*mimi walks in the room*

keshia oh damn girl..i see you, i see you..
by soLdieTTe on Tha hush March 20, 2005
(V): the proper response given when an individual acknowledges or understands the accomplishments of another.
Bob: Yeah, from a distance she looked good.. but she's really a butter face. I still googled all over her yahoo
Steve: aiiight, I see you
by Mary-Kate & Ashley-Lauren July 18, 2011
In the James Cameron film "Avatar", this is used among the Na'vi as a greeting;
May mean the same as "I love you" or "We are all one"
Jake Sully: "I see you."

Neytiri: "I see you."

Jake Sully: "I see you, Brother... thank you. Your spirit will now be with Eywa, but your body will remain for The People."
by ShadowChai86 February 27, 2010
wltp seeing you or what is nasty on you !!!!

( originated in the orginization of wltp in 2004 )
used for eknowledging you yourself or for saying that we see what is nasty on you!!!!
if we see you we say it!!!!

sabrina & wltp

( wltp sees sabrina gomes then we say....)
I see you
by MELISSA ( PART OF THE WLTP ) December 10, 2004
When your G is about to partake in "mackin'" or he is about to, the phrase: "i see you out there" is used to invigorate the "macker" to get ready to blow the "mackee"'s mind.
Can also be used just to pump up the person who you are saying it too
Similar in use to the phrase "i see you" even though that is of a less awesome degree
TG - "Yo mah nigguh i see you out there"
Daniel - "I do it like i see it sonnnnnn"

*evan is about to get his mack on

Flo Rida - I see you D. Guetta!
No Flo see him out there
by QueenBeeDoubleDee June 23, 2010
a compliment, used normally when seeing someone on a device
Look at who I pulled dude! *shows picture of girl*
Okay okay i see you
by kittylooser January 18, 2022