When you love someone a lot and you think of that person a lot their life becomes part of yours. You love them so much that you are connected and you live them.
I love you and I live you; or I love you so much that I live you.
by Joyousfool April 22, 2017
A phrase now becoming common among teenage couples who are tired of people throwing the phrase "I love you" out when the feeling isnt actually there. I live you is just something to say when you sincerely like a person and want to let them know but at the same time you know you dont really love them. Now couples cant just say that they just said I love you because they wanted to let the other person know they care and just wanted to say something before they hung up the phone.
Girl: I live you baby
guy: I live you too babe
by FreakingPenguinDisasters July 21, 2010