Excuse which generally goes without questioning when someone playing Call of Duty messes up, misses a shot, or gets totally embarrassed.
Kid: Hahaha dude you're so bad.
Me: Shut up I lagged.
Kid: Oh my bad.
by Satan's Offspring March 26, 2011
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A common excuse for when someone has an epic fail moment in a video game. It's frequently ridiculed as being too generic, to the point that people overlook that sometimes it's legit. Some people have crappy internet.
"Why did you do so bad? You're usually pretty good."

"I lagged."

"Ah, I see. I know you don't go easy on anyone, so I knew something was wrong."

"Yes. If I was having an off day I would've just told you that, but it is actually my Internet having an off day..."
by Someone who kinda exists September 26, 2021
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an excuse for someone who has got defeated. it is used in many Free For All games so you give your victory to someone else.
A: Dude i was lagging
B: Just admit your defeat lol
by sussy pie November 2, 2021
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"Its Lag I swear" is a term commonly used by hackers in attempt to trick others into thinking they're lagging.
"I'm not hacking, Its Lag I swear. I have bazillion ping"
by Another guy idk September 28, 2022
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