When you wanna have sex with someone so you ask the out and on your date you ask if you can have sex. She says yes. You now get under the covers together and you go right under the covers. You look at her pussy. You lick, kiss, and put your dick in it. You put your nose in it and smell it. You yell, "SQUISH ME!!!" and she puts her big, sexy, butt on you. You cum all over it and your penis wants to explode. She yells "FUCK ME!!!" and your rock solid dick cums all over her. She goes full under the blankets with you and you are squished by her boobs. She swallows your cum and you pee on her. You French kiss and go to sleep in the 69 position. (Nice)
John: I just wanna...You know what I'm talking about, right, Emma?
Emma: Let's gooooooooooo and no condom
by CUM DOOD January 20, 2021
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the want of death
Melanie.... i just wanna die man
by Azdabomb December 12, 2017
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tastes like strawberries

'i just wanna taste it' a lyric of the song Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles in this song he helps you improve your skills of pussy eating.

if you're trying to impress your girl, go buy this song on itunes and try listening to it 3 times a day and you'll be an expert in pussy eating in no time
i just wanna taste it, watermelon sugar high
by XbytheriverX August 6, 2020
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1. A phrase used by people who would rather not be brought into political arguments or discussions.

2. May also be used in a general sense, though less commonly. Used when a bunch of bullshit is happening around you, but all you want to do is grill.
1. "Man, I don't give a shit—Trump, Biden, blah blah blah...I just wanna grill."
2. "I'm stressed as fuck. Gotta find a new job, call the bank, figure out my housing for next year, when all I want to do is grill."
by fish_dicks January 6, 2022
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An expression typically used by centrists, or apolitical people explaining how they would rather grill than be brought into political discussions
All the media says is "racism, shootings, socialism, KKK"
I just wanna grill for god's sakes
by Mr. Quagglecheck December 14, 2021
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I just wanna vote y'all. Tho plz do yur boi a favor and vote me in
I just wanna vote
by oopsdogplopped January 9, 2020
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No. Just No. i just wanna rolly is bad.
by uhhhh ok? October 30, 2017
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