"I eat ass." is a pickup line commonly used by men who wishes to be direct with their romantic partners.
In Japanese, it is read as ketsu wo taberu
"Ma'am, you don't seem to understand this, but I eat ass."

"Women want you to be strong and direct, so don't say 'What's your name.' Just say 'I eat ass.' "
by The Allapaca March 4, 2016
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a way of saying that you would eat a specific persons anus for sexual desires
"i'll eat your ass"
"i eat ass bitch"
by Juice gucci mane vert May 23, 2016
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When you get caught doing something you're not supposed to be doing and You Buck your eyes with their mouth open
I finally caught yo ass! don't give me that "I eat ass face" give me back my money lil bitch
by PK nigger! June 21, 2018
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Something the extraordinary doctor Jay “That Dude” Perez once said.
when ur friend asks u about what type of ass u eat, u can say “i eat ass with a little stink on it”
by Hisoc0ck December 12, 2021
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Defined by the comedian Kevin Hart, he explains how a situation is broken up when your partner accidentally slips into the conversation about your personal life and says that you eat her ass amongst other people. thus giving you the "I Don't Eat Ass Face
Terry: Fuck You!

sue: No fuck You Terry! I least I don't eat ass!
Terry: sits there with a "I Don't Eat Ass Face"
by BigBrownSmoothie May 19, 2011
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This can be used when or while eating someone's or your ass in the bath, shower, or pool. You can sing this while eating or being eaten.
by controversial dog October 11, 2021
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