a commonly used google search by gay people who are either in denial, questioning or need re-assurance
person 1: omg are you gay
person 2: idk but i took an am i gay test and it said i was
by a narcissistic arse bitch July 17, 2021
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A phrase that is used mostly by heterosexual couples to profess their love/ sexual attraction for each other at that moment.

It is sometimes used ironically between two straight guys to show gratitude for a thoughtful gesture.
(Man and Woman looking lovingly into each other's eyes) Woman: I am so gay for you right now.

Guy #1: Hey bro, I brought a two four for us to have while we watch the game

Guy #2 (deeply touched): ...dude... I am so gay for you right now....
by weeksfree February 09, 2010
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The gayest lie a person can say. You're hella gay, just admit it dude!
Person A :"Dude stop. I am not gay!"

Person B:"You literally just made out with that hot guy over there."
by alifoxy September 01, 2018
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