A combination of words that have become very common in today's society. Especially if one is in a highschool setting, the words "I love you" are not unique. Today, the words I love you is spoken or written to much and most oftenly means, I lust after you. Once a child hits puberty, he/she automatically believes he/she is in love.
It's 2005, I'm 16 you're hott, you're a guy and I'm a girl. I love you.
by cranrad August 30, 2005
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a phrase that boys use to get in a girl's pants.
chris: "i love you so much, i wish i could be with you right now."

hannah:"i love you too. your an amazing boyfriend."

christina(hannahs friend whos with her):" hannah you do know hes just using that i love you bullshit to get in your pants."
^^she knows whats up.
by hottie1233 March 20, 2009
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If spoken by a woman: "I Love the way I feel when you're paying attention to me."

If spoken by a man: "Let's have sex."
The only person who ever loved you was your mother.
by Killing Kittens April 28, 2005
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Is there an absolute meaning to the words 'I Love You?' Or is it purely subjective? The concept of true love is what we search for all our lives. Yet love is one of the most misunderstood concepts of all. What people really want more than anything else is to be loved unconditionally; to be accepted for who we are, and still be loved. Sometimes we will do some crazy things, in the name of love. Love is actually the choice one makes to put someone's wishes, desires and needs above our own.

If a guy says these three simple words to a girl and means it, then every second he spends with her, every time he hears her voice, every kiss, every laugh, every joke, every argument- is the best moment of his life. When you really mean it, you'll never get tired of saying or hearing these words. When you're in love, you'd rather hear the other person's voice than sleep. You care more about them than you care about yourself. You'll never let the other say they love you more. You could go on and on trying to define your feelings for that person but you'll never find words to accurately explain.

I can easily define these words because I know from personal experience. I'm in love and I don't care who knows it. I love you Drew.
Drew: I love you Tay.
Taylor: I love you too.
Drew: Well...I love you more!
Taylor: No you don't! Two camels in a tiny car! Ha!
Drew: (grumble grumble...)
by tayyy94 June 06, 2010
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Three words that are everything you ever wanted to hear. Couples may say it randomly to each other just to make sure the other doesn't forget it.

"I love you so much sweetie... I hope this never ends."

"I love you too honey, and I promise that I always will."


"I.. I... I think I love you. Can we make some fucky now?"

"Ohhh that's so cute! Let's go!"
by paulmakespasties August 26, 2006
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The way I feel about you Melissa. You've made me happier than I ever thought possible. I never want to be without you again and I want to spend the rest of our lives together. That would make me the happiest person alive.
Dan: I love you
Melissa: I love you too, honey.
by backslash April 22, 2005
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