3 words that should never be said to someone unless you mean it. because sometimes people believe it when you dont mean it. and you break hearts.
Steve:i love you allison
Allison:i love you too steve
later that night
steve:o kelly lets have sex
kelly:what about allison
Steve: o her were over.
next day
Steve: o hey allison i love you baby.
by Allyyyyyyyy April 28, 2005
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Perhaps the hardest thing to tell the ones you really love. It's easy to tell someone you love them or hate them etc. jokingly but when you REALLY mean it they can be the hardest, and truest words you will ever say.
Guy: I love you so much!
Girl: (hardest, but truest words ever said) I love you too!!!!!

* ephipany you actually know you both REALLY mean it<3
by Inlovewithyou<3 August 20, 2007
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β€˜I love you’ is a statement that is abused by many. β€˜I love you’ means accepting a person for who they are and not wanting to change them. Caring for them. Standing by their side through easy and hard times. Keeping their deep secrets. having trust, loyalty, and honesty. Most importantly Empathy. If you actually love a person you would actually take your time to spell it out not Abbreviating it. β€˜Ily’ β€˜I luv u’ β€˜I love u’ I wuv u’ etc... all don’t mean shit. β€˜I love you’ is the ONLY way to say it to a person you truly love. You can take 5 seconds to Spell it out other wise your just wasting the others persons time.
This also goes for saying β€˜I love you too’.
β€˜I luv u 2’ β€˜ily2’ β€˜I love you 2’ β€˜I wuv u 2’ etc... Also don’t mean shit β€˜I love you too’ is the ONLY way to say it back.
Girlfriend: I love you Johnny.
Boyfriend: I love you too Cheryl.
by Anonymous843 May 20, 2018
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8 leters to spell love, funny 8 letters in bullshit too.
bby, i love you forever. (beep beep bullshit alert)
by kayluhhh March 05, 2008
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the three words that are said way to much, but are never said enough.
i love you russell!
by Jessica + Russell<3 February 05, 2009
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Saying 'I love you' shouldn't be said as a joke. When you really love someone, you'll know. They become the person you can't stop thinking about, the person you want to impress, the person that when you're w them you get butterflies in your stomach, the person that you look into their eyes & just get lost in them, the person you want to talk to everyday, the person that makes you read their text & smile for more reason. When you love someone, all you want to do is make them happy, their priorities come before yours. If someone's talking shit about the person you love, you'll knock em' out real quick. You'll respect them even when you're arguing. You'll give them everything you van just to make them happy, you would give them the world if you could. I know this bc I have a girlfriend of 10 months now, yeah I've had other relationships but none like this. she's my world, I would do anything for her & I'm more than happy to call her my girl & to say that I am most definitely in love w her.
A: I love you.
K: Hey baby, I love you too.
A: I love you more.

K: No, I am more than in love w you, so shush.
by 😎😘😈 March 17, 2016
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