Three words that you say if your heart truly belongs to someone. That you would die for them.
Guy:I love you jess.

Girl:I love you too.
by lev1234567 June 09, 2009
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I love you are three words which if said and meant correctly are the hardest words to say. You should not say them just for fun or because you want to get someone to have sex with you. I love you is what you say to a person who means the absolute world to you, when you would never do anything to harm them and you never want to loose them. I love you must not just be said, but proven too, you must prove how much you love that person. And lads, if she laughs and calls you an idiot..you're a very lucky man!! Women rarely say it back no matter how much they want to. Sometimes silence is the best reply. But don't just say it, you have to mean it
Ross: grace?...I love you

Grace: *silence*
Ross: I do...
Grace: *laughs* you're an idiot

Ross:*fist pumps air*
by Sky_398 October 09, 2014
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a term that can be used for both romantic and platonic relationships
β€œYou’re my brother, I love you.” -Keith Kogane, to his older brother/mentor, Shiro.
by Yoranceiscanonking June 25, 2018
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I love you is a strong word that people use too much, people say it without knowing the real meaning of it. It’s a way of expressing your feelings for someone, but you may only say it to that special someone otherwise it would mean nothing.

If someone tells you they love you, what they are trying to say is they can see their future in your eyes.
β€œWe have spend years together now, it’s time I confess....I love you...do you feel the same way?..”
by xoxounknownxoxo September 18, 2020
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ugh all these other definitions suck. sure guys use it to get laid and girls say it sometimes just to see what will happen, but not always.
real love exists. and if you really mean it, these three words are the purest ones you will ever say.
when you find the person you want and they say it to you.. your entire world just lights up. like... colors just glow, the air seems sweeter and thicker, everything feels lighter. you just feel warm and you smile all the time for no reason. sounds like a certain drug, hmm?
love is a cure-all. in your darkest hour, it's just enough to know it's there.
never give up, you will find it.
and once you find it, please don't let go.
"i love you."
"how could anyone ever love me? are you joking?"
"no way. i will spend the rest of my days proving it to you until you believe me."
by mina cherie June 19, 2007
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It is words used by people who are in Love with each other,

They would do anything for the other person,

They would tell them things they wouldn't share with anyone,

They are happy and smitten,

It gives them a reason to live.

Just thinking about that person puts a smile on their face and makes their day perfect,

They would go through anything and go anywhere for you,

It leads people to marriage and having kids.

They would give you everything you need and be Content with just being with you and seeing you happy.

The only thing they would want to change about you is your last name.
Andrew: I Love you so much I can't fall asleep because reality is better than my dreams. xXx

Caitlin: Awwwww, I feel the same about you -Kisses Andrew- I Love You. -puts head into Andrew's chest- XxX
by Andiboy September 07, 2010
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A common saying that is said between a male and a female that are both in a serious relationship together.
I love you...Please don't ever leave me.

I know it may seem a little too early to be saying this, but I want to say this now before it's too late. I love you.

We've only been dating for a couple of months, but girl I love you.

You make me happy. I love you.
by The Hit September 07, 2009
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