A beautifully orchestrated, nicely formed, and amazingly crafted rewritten, unique version of the song "I Love You" By

Barney, the Purple Dinosaur. It was written in the late 40's by two brilliant youngsters looking to have some fun. These two have also worked on "Fuck Me Up" By Avicii, and "What I've Fucked" By Linkin Park.
I fuck you, you fuck me
We're a happy family
With a great big dick
And some cum from me to you
Won't you say you'll fuck me too?
I fuck you, you fuck me
We're best friends like friends should be
With a great big hump
And some cum from me to you
Won't you say you'll fuck me too?
by The Most Amazing thing in yeah September 23, 2017
This term is a form of saying i pawned you or dominated over you.
*2 guys playing cards*
Guy 1: Damn I Lost.
Guy 2: Oh yeah, I fucked you in the ass.
by screamxmayday January 5, 2011
Saying "I will fuck you with that" means I Fuck with that. You will do something with someone. You mess with or are down with something a lot.
That blunt of Sour OG , I will fuck you with that.
by Faster Than Light January 29, 2020
A phrase to let one's brethern know that you are down for the cause. Willing to go tonthe next level for thy homie. A ride or die.
"Hey Jill would you want to run up on these girl with me? These bitches wildin"

"Hell yean Nancy! You know that I fuck with you guuurl!! "
by PXN April 6, 2016
Term used to induce fear, hopelessness, and unconfert.

Usually used at partys by the really drunk guy.
can be taken two way funny or vary offencive.
Person 1: hey man can you go get me a beer?
Person 2: HEY "I WILL FUCK YOU"!!!!!
by Walter Fishington September 24, 2010
means the person saying it plans to seriously injure or kill the person it is said too
Tom: Hey, dude, you want to fight? Hit me!
Bill: Man, You should walk away! I have a black belt in karate. I will fuck you up!
by noladoc April 27, 2014