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A pretentious person with money, youth and a sense of cultural and intellectual superiority.
A Yuppie Hipster if you will.

People who try to be cool for the sake of feeling superiority. Makes hipsters look bad (if that is possible). Lacking in humor, overcompensating by
mean spirited sarcasm and Irony.
Usually strung out on Coke & Coffee.
Me: I spend too much time on clothes and old records. procrastination issues.

Hipster: I make Ironic tee-shirts at star-bucks with a macbook air wearing converse (see nike) listening to 'indie' (see adult contemporary), while pretening to be anti-commercialism. I also hate you peronaly for being boring.

Hypster: I work in a fortune 500, too uncouth too be a pseudo-intellectual, too hateful to be new age/alt. I listen to what hipsters with garageband who abuse the bit-crusher filter spin on over priced clubs while being so strung out on coke I actually think I'm and individual. I wax dicks for horse ironically. And I still am arrogant enough to feel better than you.
by Eivind July 10, 2008
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The person responsible for selling or generating "hype" about a new idea or thing. The person behind a HUGE public relations push.
"That guy was selling his junk hard. What a total hypster!"
by Dave James March 07, 2007
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A term developed by nameless, aimless, sarcastic, fatalistic (though more disposed to CHANCE as the ultimate decider of all things, rather than FATE ((so I guess...'chance-alistic'))) self-taught philosophers and out-of-time fans of Jack Kerouac/Che Guevara/Wilhelm Reich as the ultimate expression of 'Fuck you contemporary society'-It denotes the current 'counter-culture' of what these enlightened censors refer to as 'fake hipsters'-or Hypsters. The word encompasses wealthy, materialistic, baby math geniuses who do well in school and flaunt perceived notions of a unique personal sexuality and mindset (and know all about philosophy/government) just like it does spoiled suburbanites who brag about smoking hemp and listen to alternative jam bands in addition to supposedly non-mainstream indie shit. Poetry and Manga emos aren't mutually exclusive cliques, but are still encompassed by the alpha and omega put down of said title. Heh...'Hypster' (Ferdinand made a funny).
Guy: "Fuck America and it's hypsters along with the rest. That INCLUDES Neil Gaiman books. You read Neil Gaiman books you'll never amount to anything as far as we're concerned."

Hypster who doesn't think he/she is a hypster: "What? Why Gaiman? Eh writes Sandman and doesn't afraid of anything!

Guy: "Exactly."

Hypster: "How dare you! I'm gonna go express my disgust on Facebook! Then all my friends will comment on how great I am!"
by Das Ferd January 16, 2010
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A self-righteous acronym for anyone who gets into the Holy Trinity of Ivy League universities (plus one extra):


A person who is a HYPSter is probably brilliant but crazy.
This word is a close cousin of the widely-used acronym on College Confidential, HYPS.
Damn, the valedictorian got into all the Ivies and Stanford!! What a HYPSter.
by LeahVanessa September 22, 2010
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The Hipster of the hip-hop world. Following every new trend convincing themselves that they are different from one another. Commonly using terms like "bro.." "swag" "ratchet" "turn up" etc. Although these species are common they are very hard to keep up with. With a new week brings up new slang terms, more colorful pants, music with meaningless lyrics, a rapper with a one hit wonder, etc. This definition is guaranteed to change just as hypesters do but you get the picture now.
"Hey bro your girl is turning up with that bro and actin a ratchet...bro" - Hypster
by Sauce213 June 19, 2014
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