A mansion where popular white tik tokers live and hangout together.
by Madpescado December 29, 2020
A bunch of teenager's who are HArDWoRkIng and think they are talented celebrities. They think making tiktoks all day is business. They're uneducated and attention seekers....*cough cough* Avani *cough cough*. They're the most basic people you'll ever witness. They're legit nothing without tiktok periodttt. We have given hype to the wrong people.
Friend: "I like the Hype House"
Me: Girl I- *Blocked*
by Yugyeomie November 26, 2020
A group of social media "influencers" who post 10 second clips of themselves dancing and somehow get more famous than people who work hard.
The Hype House somehow got a show on Netflix as well for some reason.
by Lunchbox6669 January 22, 2022
did you know that if you get your nudes leaked. . . welcome to the hype house.
by Boiat101 March 3, 2020
a bunch of dumb white kids who do tiktoks in a house
person 1: "have you heard of the hype house?
person 2: "ugh. don't talk about them..."
by gay ass nibba January 19, 2020
A group of 15-23 year old who live together in a mansion. Some popular examples are Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, and Chase Hudson. Rose to fame for creating “elaborate” dances on popular app, TikTok. While many people praise them for being such talented dancers, they do however have 0 talent. 10-13 seem to really love watching 15 year old girls dance around like hoes.
Rose: Hey Frank, ever hear of the Hype House?

Frank: Oh, you mean the White House?

Maddison: The Hype House is legendary!
Sam: But what happens when they lose their hype?
by furri.boi June 2, 2020
the “hype house” was made popular by tiktok and its “celebrities”, it’s essentially a big huge mansion where social media influencers come together and live or hang out with each other.
they have their own tiktok account dedicated to the hype house, which has over 1 million followers.
“Addison Rae and LilHuddy really do be v i b i n g at the hype house tho..”
by ionlydefinedonephrase December 27, 2019