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1. A radical right-wing militia group based in Lenawee County, Michigan, about 30 miles southwest of Ann Arbor. The word "Huntaree" means "Christian Warrior" in the group's secret language. (A related Huntaree group is located in Utah.)

2. A group of idiots who believe that Christ wants them to murder police officers and start a global insurrection.

Members of the Militia come from Michigan, Ohio, Utah and Indiana. They are convinced that a war against the Anti-Christ is imminent and they identify the enemy as the U.S. government. In late March 2010, nine members of the Hutaree Militia were arrested for plotting to kill local law enforcement officials, an act they believed would "spark" a national uprising against the government.

The Militia was led by David Brian Stone, who trained his members in paramilitary operations using semi-automatic weapons and mock roadside bombs. Their plan was to murder a local police officer and then bomb the funeral, leading to the mass slaughter of dozens if not hundreds of local and state police officials. All in the name of Christ.
"Did you hear about that Hutaree Militia group in Adrian? They think FEMA is building secret concentration camps. I hear they're big fans of Glen Beck."
by Peter Kobs March 30, 2010
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