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The brilliant battle tactic employed by Commander William "Husker" Adama in the 3rd season episode "Exodus pt. 2" of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series. In a bold attempt to rescue the human colonists on New Caprica, Adama jumps the Galactica into the atmosphere directly above the settlement, causing it to "drop like a rock." This lets them by-pass Cylon orbital defenses. Just before hitting the ground, the ship launches a squad of vipers right before jumping back out into orbit again. The Galactica takes heavy damage as it shoots like a fiery comet toward the ground, but the tactic pays off and enables the colonists to escape the planet's surface.
Cylon child: Mommy mommy! I had a nightmare that a battlestar was falling from the sky in a ball of flames and it was spitting out planes like bullets and the world was coming to an end and then was gone. And the smoke in the sky seemed to spell out "Husker Hailmary."

Cylon parent: Don't worry sweetheart. Spaceships can't do those things and there isn't a commander in the universe who could ever pull off a stunt like that. Or is there?
by Mr. Crumbles October 22, 2006
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