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When a totally flustered male on the prowl for vagina at a chosen drinking establishment needs to quickly and efficiently:

A) "Seal the deal" with chosen female or
B) Move on by allowing uncommited female escape from situation, thus saving precious time for both parties.

Tell female a bathroom break is needed, but upon return, a drink or dance should be shared. Depart to restroom for no more than four minutes making sure to return to the same spot for confirmation of her interest, and your safe passage to victory.
Bro 1- "Dude hurry the fuck up with this chick, it's been like 30 minutes!"
Bro 2- "Hold the fuck on man, i'm working on it!"
Bro 1- "No fuck no, just hush bargain with her dude."
Guy to girl- "Hey, goin to the restroom, let's grab a drink or dance or somethin' when I get back."
Girl to guy- "Sure!" four minutes later...
Bro 2- "Bro! she bailed on me? what a bitch!"
Bro 1- "Fuck it, let's move on to the next."
by j.mar04 November 17, 2009
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