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The place you want to send your children? The most *exciting school in the country (UK). Well make sure you are ready for A LOT of Money, Drugs, Asians, Russians and so on... Be prepared for weekly Medium Rare Fillet Steaks, Free Ice Cream Machine, Drug Tests and Enigmas...

The tight environment causes pupils to feel claustrophobic and cocaine is always handy on sight.
To enter the gates of the education centre you will be invited with 46 different pairs of disciplinarians trying to either bate you out or grind your leg like a dog.

Rate Trackies and old unwashed clothing And/Or Balenciaga and Vetements.
Do K,

Do X (not more than 2),
Do H (not as regular as daily Ritalin),
Smoke rizlas.

Musicals cost: Β£14,000(per evening) to make.
but its ok, they are well stacked.

JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE TOO..... Β£50,000< per yr per prsn.

If you decide to join make sure you are also a prick because you would fit right in.
'What school do you go to?'-
"Hurtwood House"-
'Fuck your cool mate!'-

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