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A wonderful town, less than 30 minutes from the heart of Charlotte, NC.
also very close to Lake Norman.
it was named #2 best place to live in the US one year by Forbes.
Birkdale is one of the its biggest attractions.
there is a great homeschool community. and the public schools are not too bad either.
many parks.

mall nearby
there is a Discovery Kid's Museum for children around 2-8yrs old.

a beautiful town, with historic houses.
yeah there are some rednecks, but that ok.
Guy: Have you heard of this place called Huntersville, NC???

Girl: OMG YES! It is so amazing! i love to walk around Birkdale and buy a bunch of stuff... and there is a mall too!!!!

Guy: oh cuz i heard that the fishing is great on lake norman.
by CharlottelivesinHuntersville January 01, 2011
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A small town beginning 15 minutes from downtown Charlotte. The perfect mix of small town suburban life and being close to a large city. The schools are always overcrowded. Hopewell is better than North Meck. Huntersville Cops do NOTHING except hide and try to catch people speeding. It's because Huntersville isn't high on crime.
Guy 1: You better slow your roll.
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: This is Huntersville, NC. HPD will bust yo ass in a minute. They're bored and everywhere.
by disneygirlie March 21, 2011
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