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Hunter as a girls name:
Shes very flirty, usually brown hair and brown eyes. When you look into her gorgeous brown eyes you can see a daring exciting look that craves adventure. When she looks at you its like she can see right through you, like she knows everything your thinking and the world just stops. Hunter is usually artistic and isn't afraid of getting dirty. She likes to live life on the edge. Hates drama and wants to stay as far away from it as possible. Takes one day at a time; doesn't worry over things she has no control over. Hunter also has feelings just like any other person expect shes not like any other person. When she opens up to you its amazing. Loves adventure and just wants to have fun! Because you only live one life and she wants to live it right. Shes probably made some big mistakes in the past and probably hates herself for what she did, but the mistakes that she has made in the past isn't who she is, its the part she chooses to act on and she acts on it right by learning from her mistakes and making sure it won't happen again. She probably has some big plans for her life one day in the future and won't stop until there achieved no matter how hard it is. Don't let her go without a fight because she is probably one of the greatest most craziest people you'll ever meet, all the best people are. Hunter is an adventure and you have to step in with both feet even though you don't know what might happen you just have to or else you'll regret it later.
Hunter (as a girls name) craves adventure and will usually be sexual with you if you let her.
by MackGogh October 09, 2016
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Hunter is very flirtatious, and will be sexual with you at any moment. She has gorgeous brown eyes that will look right through you. She has a past and has made mistakes but those mistakes don't define her because she learns from them and makes sure they don't happen again. As she is known to be a big flirt she can be a fuck girl sometimes, but its all worth to deal with in the end. She is a crazy wild and adventurous ride that you never want to get off of! Hunter is usually very artistic and has big plans for her life. When she wants something she will go out and get! She likes to live life on the edge so the greatest gift you could ever give her is a life time of adventure. All she wants is to be free! Loves to try new crazy things. Hunter is insane but in a great way! She is never afraid to talk about anything so don't be shy to ask her. Hunter hates drama and wants as much as a drama free life as possible! Also loves the beach and to surf, the beach is like her second home. Isn't afraid to get down and dirty! Will always be straight up with you if you just ask her! Hunter always just wants to have a good time and have fun! If you ever meet a Hunter don't let her go! it will be the biggest mistake you ever make!
Hunter (as a girls name) is a crazy, wild, and adventurous ride that you never want to get off of!
by MackGogh June 07, 2016
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