10 onces of weed, typicaly at 10 a g, its a hundred dollars, simpled as a hunny.
hey jimme ; lemme holler a hunny
show thang brah
by phycopimpernel May 03, 2017
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hunny. a bad bitch , a nice and caring person, but just know if you make her mad its over. PERIODT.
hunny. looked like a baddie today.
by hunny. September 27, 2018
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hunny something a typical white girl / a girl who legit acts white af would say along with boo boo and bby
hunny you ok?
by janhunn May 11, 2019
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Hunny is a word that got really on the trend wave in 2018. Until then it was honey.
by haley morales March 12, 2019
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