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The title of a woman who attracts the interest of males at a party, but is known to not likely put out. A man may proclaim "Hunny Dib" and safely call dibs on the female and begin conversing and getting to know the woman, without the hampering of drunk and horny friends trying to convince her to return to their place to be smashed. A Hunny Dib is often portrayed as a decent female who may not be necessarily classy, but interested in getting to know a male before she goes any further with him at a party. The males who often proclaim "Hunny Dib", generally are just not interested in having sex with random people they meet at parties, but instead enjoy some connection with their acquaintance when they have fun.
Jake: "That's Sally over there, psh she's fine as hell but she ain't one to put out."
Roger: "Hunny Dib."
Jake: "I'm cool with that, i'll tell the bros, but I'm gunna go find me some real hoes.
Roger: "You do that bro, you do that."
by A-Dog F.S. December 30, 2011
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