To be tripping on acid and love the restaurant "Hirams."
That Justin is so humble. He really loves to do acid after eating cheeseburgers.
by Darrell Lund September 05, 2007
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1.To to anally penetrate someone without permission

2.To humiliate and/or outclass someone at some form of competition
1. "Yo man, that bitch done got a bone dry humblin'"

2 "Wow, beaten 12-0. You just got humbled dude"
by tildebang January 17, 2008
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When one wishes to hum and mumble at the same time. Only gifted people can do this. Others are just unco.
humble is unexamplable. is a skill that only gifted people have.
by Anonmanomous May 23, 2007
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A word people use to mask the fact that they really are an arrogant prick.
David claims he is humble, but he really is egotistical.
by Greetard May 04, 2006
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