What every girl on social media does when they want attention.
Humble Brag Example: When girls post half naked selfies on Instagram with a lame caption about “body positivity” and “how far they’ve come”, etc., pretending like the whole point of the pic isn’t to simply get max likes and compliments
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by jackieboy88 September 17, 2018
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A typical and popular approach is to use a disingenuous complaint about something, a self-deprecating statement or a comment on something completely innocuous, as a vehicle to deliver the real message, which invariably shows the person in a favourable light. In fact it shows what Slapdick they are.
Stayin humble. Always grateful. "Good things come to those who wait." Lovin my new whip. #HardWorkPaysOff

by NYSoldier November 28, 2011
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This is when people tell stories that are mostly true or at least plausible, and it may seem like innocent casual conversation at first, but then the real message is delivered through some sort of subtle self-promotion. Then you wonder whether ANY of the damn story was real or if it was all contrived so the speaker can brag about how wonderful they (think they) are in some way.
Girl: OMG Nick Jonas was at the Packers game yesterday and he sat in the row in front of us and he just kept turning around staring right at me and I was like wtf is he staring at. #humblebrag
by 57bangbang September 30, 2016
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When you brag about something without even realizing it.

Used in NCIS: LA
Person 1: The referee tripped over my feet last night AT THE LAKERS GAME.

Person 2: Wow. Thanks for the Humble Brag.
by red puppy February 23, 2011
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When you use a small complaint to really flatter yourself with major compliments
Gloria: "I was trying to save a drowning child but my GIANT boobs are just so huge that they fall out of my bathing suit and got in the way of my life saving efforts."

Me: "Poor baby! You and your GIANT boobs got in the way of saving a kid. What a great humblebrag."
by alwaysdancegrl95 September 03, 2014
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When you try and say something complementary about about someone and actually end up just telling them how amazing you are.
Everyone: Wow, Tony is such a good chiropractor
George: I know right, when I hurt myself from being super awesome at Kung Fu and accidentally killing my sensai because I don't know my own skills, he was able to push all my ribs back inside my body. Everyone was so jealous that I could come back from an injury like that and I am now the new sensai.
Everyone Else: *humble brag*
by thatotherotherdude March 09, 2017
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n. A brag shrouded in a transparent form of humility.
Caroline Wozniacki is the writes the best humblebrags.
- Busy start of the day with fitness in the morning and after was a part of a music video, which was cool. And now going to a photoshoot.
by Tweety Snape May 03, 2011
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