the popular piece of shit at your school who thinks she's top shit because she has fake tan and can play basketball. keep your boyfriend away from her at all costs because shes a flirtatious slutty cunt who can't keep her stupid ass hands to herself.
yuck, its steph hughes. what a slut
by acinom March 15, 2015
Rhys' are great people but you have to carry then in Call Of Duty. They are often mistaken for Tommy Shelby from peaky blinders. If you want a simp you should go for a rhys. They have really pretty eyes aswell BTW.
"Tommy is that you?"
"Nah mate that's just Rhys Hughes"
by Dj trippy March 17, 2021
Liam is the most amazing person you will ever meet hands down. There are so many words to describe him! There are way too many I could definitely go on for days! If you get a Liam never let go of him he his so sweet and loyal and he’s the CUTEST ever. Liam’s are amazing ❤️
# liam hughes is the cutest person alive

Wow is that a liam hughes , must be he is so attractive
by Mae king July 4, 2019
Have you met Sean Hughes?
He aight
by Aicrag Cire June 17, 2019