Ashley Hughes, when he isn't playing with his deflated football of his dog, getting cyber bullied of his e girl or getting packed by sorrow.
Ashley likes to drink in vc and cry to his ex's
Ash also likes minors
"Damm that Ashley Hughes is a faggot"
by prioritise November 29, 2021
Hopes to eventually get back together with Aidan Hughes. She's a little weird but so good at drama but (no surprise here) very dramatic, she can be a little over-confident sometimes and has a bit of an ego and drifts away she eventually, always comes back and is a good friend even when she obsesses over Louie's, Aidan's and Oskar's.
Dam that's a weird Suraya Hughes
by Pete_the_cat_ September 20, 2022
When said, it's supposed to sound like 'Huge Anus'.

Also used by Ben of the Week in his zoom call videos.
My name's Hugh Janus, ma'am.
by TheFukkingSimp August 24, 2022
This fella is mad for making signs.
This lad makes signs, he must be Hugh Looney
by Graham Roche 420 February 23, 2022
A dumb banana Somalian pirate who is a banana and has received many back slaps from a guy known as Bishlal. Hugh is a great person who is better in many ways than darnish
Hugh Lloyd is better than darnish
by LSK333 November 25, 2021
This Hoe LIT AF bruh if you ever meet a Kendal make friends right away she down to clown and always up for a party. But no matter what you do, never, ever call her a hoe she’ll beat your ass with your own dick, and if you don’t believe me just ask spencer schilling)
Bruh did you see my baby girl Kendal Hughes over there? She just ripped off Spencer’s dick and beat his own ass with it and all he did was call her a bitch while he was drunk
by Hester22 July 27, 2018