A douche bag punkass kid who lives in Lynchburg va... always liked him in high school never came on to me.. I woulda sat on his face with my skinny shaved vag. Can't wait to see him again when I cum home from school. Fucking dunce.
I once stared into the eyes of Jeremy hughes... he looked right past me at his friend heran. Fuck heran.
by Shemale August 22, 2017
the most beautiful sexy goddess anyone will ever encounter in their entire life. everything she does is beautiful and turns everyone on. she is such a graceful sublime being. to be compared to her is the most supreme compliment. there is not a single person that does not want to make love to her.
greg: i had sex with a care bear hughes and i saw stars and then an apparition of jesus.
by baby g big c $$$ February 2, 2009
one who's dick is comparable in size to a peanut
i can smell that guys alan hughes from here
by Miss terry August 18, 2012
A fucking simp. Girls find him funny but he’s a snake to boys
Ollie hughes showed people my dick pic
by Hyperboy465 March 16, 2020
probly the most beautaful and amazing person you are ever likley to meet. she has many friends and is very intelligent well being good a some sports but manily basketball. any boy would be lucky to have her and many girls wish to be her.
girl 1 wow i so wanna be like harriet jukes-hughes
guy i so wanna be harriets boyfriend
by ryan will smith October 5, 2011
a distinguished institution filled with attractive intelligent young women who will fuck up your life if you let them
jack: “Bro why are you crying”
Jay: “ st hughs gyal mashup mi life bro”
by bunnagyal January 3, 2023