Also known as Hugh Jacked Man

- FL
Is that Hugh Jackman? Nah it's Hugh, the Jacked Man.
by itsmike February 22, 2020
Hugh Jackman stars in greatest showman, pan, les miserable ,Logan, wolverine, X-men's, Australia out of what i know and watched best movies because he is in it.
by hotlava101 December 7, 2021
A guy with the biggest cock in his group
Guy 1: did you see how big Jamie Hughes’s cock was?

Guy 2: yeah absolutely massive init.
by LilHughzivert m5 November 22, 2021
When, in the course of a devil's threeway, one man engages in anal sex with the woman while the other man vigorously licks both of her nipples.
"I hate how Max always gets the ass whenever we Caff Hughs-Zaner"
by Kevin Dangerous October 28, 2013
A person who over works and stresses over all forms of exams
My mate is a James Hughes he just doesn't get out enough
by Dog_penis December 6, 2022
An unusually fluffy creature. Usually molds easily to surroundings; social and amiable. in general, kind of a big deal.
see: polar bear
also see: Balto (1995) directed by Simon Wells
where's the J. Hugh population around here?

I would try to find them in packs, unless it's too early. Then there nursing some rest in dens.
by Katrina Kewala February 4, 2010
Chris Hughes is the name of someone who enjoys praying on young children. At times he can be very caring and loveable, but when it hits, he becomes a predator/murderer/psycho capable of mass destruction. Anyone with this name usually has an I.Q score of under 85.
by A. Huggies June 9, 2020