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1. (pronoun/profrag) Huge Cao is just a BIG CAO with much greater life experiences. He has become so epic that writing HUGE CAO is like sprinting at the speed of life or walking on Chuck Norris. Therefore, it only needs a capital Huge Cao.
2. (verb) To totally destroy someone or something.
3. (verb) To totally tell jokes to everyone.
4. (verb) To totally dunk a balloon before graduating high school.
5. (verb) To totally pass an audition without practicing.
1. Dang! Huge Cao just obliterated BIG CAO!
2. Greenspleen went so rambo in DotA that night that he Huge Caoed all the barracks, Huge Caoed the jungle, Huge Caoed Roshan, and bought the team a Huge Caoing courier, all at the same time. Twice.
3. Chalkalit did not like Huge Cao's Huge Caoness because his jokes were all racist and he would beat him up. (This is impossible by the way)
4. At sadie hawkins dance, Huge Cao dunked a balloon in jeans.
5.Sir Ecclesiarch bribed Huge Cao a fruit by the foot to Huge Cao into APAC Band 2011. Huge Cao succeeded.
by BIG CAO January 11, 2011
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