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Huevos under easy” is a sexual act in which a male inserts one testicle into a female's vagina while simultaneously inserting the opposite testicle into said female's anus.

This is accomplished most readily when the female positions herself on a solid, horizontal surface, such as a bed or floor, with the bulk of her weight distributed between her shoulders and upper arms as her hips rest in the palms of her open hands and her genitals are thrust upward toward the ceiling with her spine approximating a ninety-degree angle from the surface on which she rests. The standing male then straddles the female, with one foot placed adjacent to the her abdomen and the other foot in proximity to her opposite buttock while securing the scrotal tissue above each testicle between two fingers of his corresponding hands in a pinching, scissor-like grip and applying gentle, downward pressure from the groin, providing adequate separation, while at the same time engaging in a squatting motion until reaching a level permitting insertion of opposite testes into the exposed, and preferably well-lubricated, female orifices.
We were making it hot and heavy, and found ourselves in a Swedish Helicopter. It was somewhat challenging, but the moment demanded a serving of huevos under easy, and I felt obliged to serve it up.
by Radio Manbird October 16, 2012
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